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In Her Power

Stop Self-Sabotaging

In Her Power addresses the nine most common self-sabotaging behaviors that hold women back and reveals simple secrets to unlocking your true power.

  • Practical Exercises
  • Tools to Achieve Confidence
  • Learn to Lead and Love
  • First Person Stories

Read the Forbes article: The Nine Ways Women Self-Sabatoge

Read the More magazine article: How to Be Your Own Valentine

"Redeems the concept of power with pleasure and empowerment. Delightful and useful!"

—Christine Northrup, MD,
Author of the NYT bestseller
Women's Bodies

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Wild Feminine Wild Feminine

Wild Feminine offers a unique, holistic approach to reclaiming the power, spirit, and joy of the female body

The Master Key System A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids

Revitalize the she-nymph within! The mermaid metaphor speaks to the intuitive, mischievous, untamable spirit of all modern women.

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