The Spiritual Buffet with Chris Grosso

By Whitney

I had such a great time interviewing Chris Grosso today. His upcoming book Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality  really speaks to the spiritual journey I have found myself on recently. One thing that he said that hit me was he called it a "spiritual buffet." This worked in my head on several levels. The idea that you take what you want of each "dish," you take away only what you want, and you are welcome to come back as many times as you want. I was really excited about this metaphor and then when the viewer question came through about that seeming ungrounded or without roots, it made me question. After a little (I emphasize little) reflection, I am wondering if what we are seeing and what Chris is sharing is a more modern form of spirituality, and what may be seen as "grounded" is a more established form. Both are fantastic, just different. It's like the iPad and computers. While the iPad is super useful for some people and it has completely replaced their computer, for others it is an added gaget that serves them at certain times, and there are still others who don't see the use for or want an iPad. The computer has long proven it's usefulness, and the iPad is just beginning to prove itself, and in the years to come we will see how each transforms and continues, or doesn't continue to fill a need. A weird comparison...does that make sense? 

The other thing that stuck with me was Chris's definition of spirituality. He said "It is waking up." I come from a family that isn't particularly religious. We are CEO's (Christmas and Easter Only), and we are only that because it makes my grandma happy. But every time we went to one of those services something would stir in me, like there was something more than what I knew. Then the holiday would pass, my stirrings would disappear and I would go about my life. Since I started working here at Beyond Words, my spirituality, or more accurately, my lack thereof, has become a topic of much frustration for me. It seems like people have thought all the way through their beliefs, others have just accepted what was handed to them by their parents, others are searching, and still others aren't even thinking about it. They are all in different stages of waking up. I definitely fell into that last category, fully asleep and hitting the snooze button every holiday. The trouble was, I didn't feel like that fit my role here at a Mind, Body, Spirit publisher. So with every book and every author, I have tried on what they are saying. Some of them speak to me, some of them don't, some of them confront me, and some of them confuse me. But over the years I have been able to hodge-podge together my own "spirituality." I am a "none" as they call them. Most definitely spiritual, and most definitely not religious. Today Chris showed me that I am not alone, and that my journey to where I am now wasn't getting me to the point of finally being spiritual, he showed me that it was all a part of my own personal spiritual path. 

And to me, happiness is knowing and loving who I am. What about you?

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