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Penelope Smith

  • Item 1 – Wild Animals Speak DVD, $24.95
    Join us for an extraordinary event: animals making their voices heard and their wisdom and powerful energy felt through Penelope Smith's lifetime work of communicating telepathically with other species. In this interspecies communication seminar, Penelope helps the human participants listen and walk in understanding of wild animals as fellow intelligent beings, fostering heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul connections. Basic principles of telepathic communication enable people to experience thoughts, feelings, and energetic transmissions from coyotes, foxes, bears, bison, a cougar, and other Earthfire residents. In this holy ground of true meeting, witness the magic of positive animal responses and the shifting of human perspectives.
  • Item 2 – Animal Talk book (2008), $14.00
    Three decades ago, Penelope Smith first presented Animal Talk and her effective telepathic communication techniques that can dramatically transform your relationships with your animal companions. Rereleased by popular demand, Smith once again shares her insightful wisdom and illuminates topics such as freedom, control, obedience, behavior, and relationships between animals.

    Animal Talk teaches you how to open the door to your animal friends' hearts and minds without resorting to magic tricks or wishful thinking. Every creature can be reached through telepathic communication—from your tabby cat or cockatiel to the wasps that build nests in the eaves of your home or even the common flea—you just have to be open to the idea, and mind-to-mind communication will be in your grasp.
  • Item 3 – Animals in Spirit book, $14.00
    This gentle and loving guidebook is for anyone who has ever lost a beloved companion animal. Animals in Spirit turns what is often a sad, painful experience into a positive, life-affirming moment.

    By examining this transition from a spiritual viewpoint, readers lean how to explore the process of death from the perspectives of their animals. With true stories and insights from people and their companion animals, as well as a guide to meditation that will help readers communicate with their own furry friends, Animals in Spirit helps readers continue the connection with their animals, even after the animals have left this world.

  • Item 4 – When Animals Speak book, $15.00
    In this newly revised edition of her first book, Penelope Smith gives powerful insight into advanced interspecies communication and provides accessible techniques for readers to expand their own understanding of communication and consciousness. When Animals Speak presents several key concepts that illuminate the astonishing ways humans can speak with—and listen to—all Earth's creatures.

    With chapters devoted to developing and enhancing mind-to-mind communication with animals—whether it be loved household pets or slugs in your garden—the book provides a fascinating look at animals as healers, teachers, and guides. Readers will also explore dealing with loss and moments of transition; learn how animals think and perceive differently than humans; and even communicate with spirits of nature and learn more abstract, highly developed forms of interspecies communication. This advanced guide will unlock your intuitive connection with animal companions to the next level—enlightening your spiritual understanding of the world and your place in the whole.

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