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Conscious Money

From the New York Times bestselling coauthor of Megatrends 2000

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Conscious Money

Wall Street's Values Don't Have to be Your Values

Conscious Money brings together the spiritual and practical in a guide to achieving prosperity through values-based choices.

Aburdene's practical strategies will help you penetrate fear in the face of stalled real estate sales, a volatile stock market, and the threat of job loss—and gives concrete advice on how to navigate a radically different economy as the recovery gains traction and new opportunities blossom.

Shift your financial thinking from dread to empowerment with a grass roots movement that promotes a holistic and values based approach to money centered on honoring personal values, the environment, and more.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify your unique personal values;
  • Breakdown barriers to financial success;
  • Partner with companies that reflect your values;
  • Invest in enterprises that honor the planet;
  • And, express your values through conscious shopping.

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"Conscious Money does for individuals what Conscious Capitalism did for corporations: it articulates a simple, brilliant framework for achieving sustainable financial results, while espousing the highest ideals. Read it, get inspired, and prosper."

—John Mackey, co-CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market

"Perfect timing. In an era when most of us question "economics as usual," Conscious money charts a personalized strategy for embracing human values as the cornerstone of sustainable finance. This is a rare and winning blend of inspiration, information, and wisdom."

—Amy Domini Domini Social Investments

“We can have a new economic era now—where sustainable values and the genius of human consciousness outperform fear and greed. Conscious Money imagines it, presents the evidence for it, and creates a blueprint for achieving it. Nothing could be a more significant contribution to our personal and global healing.”

–Marianne Williamson, author of Return to Love

"Fundamentally, our inner relationship with our money—how we feel about our prosperity and the paths we've chosen to reach it—is one of the truest definitions of fulfillment and security. Patricia Aburdene's insightful, delightful work carefully and accessibly explores these truths and provides pioneering counsel on reaching our goals. Reading her book is a deeply satisfying and enriching experience."

—Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, The Golden Motorcycle Gang, and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Affirmations, reflections, resources, exercises, and sound financial information and forecasting make this an engaging and practical read on the leading edge of sustainable wealth consciousness.”

–Publishers Weekly


Discuss Conscious Money with your reading group:

1) Patricia Aburdene writes that it is entirely possible for multi-billion dollar corporations to operate in a conscious manner, and she lists several examples. Were any of these choices surprising to you? Do you agree with her premise?

2) Patricia Aburdene outlines the three characteristics of conscious capitalist companies:

  • They intentionally cultivate constructive and respectful relationships with consumers, employees, and investors;
  • They embrace a purpose beyond earning money;
  • They are committed to identifying their values and putting them into practice while doing business.

Bring to mind your favorite place to shop—be it a multi-billion dollar company or a corner store—and discuss how it holds up to this litmus test.

3) Patricia Aburdene writes: "To grow Conscious Money, you want to engage with companies that possess positive values. If you value integrity, for example, you will avoid doing business with a firm that repeatedly short changes customers on quality." What are some of your values, both as a shopper and a person? How can a corporation reflect these values?

4) Think of the next big purchase you have on your wish list and ask yourself three questions:

  • Do I really need this object or am I attempting to fill an emotional gap?
  • Does this item reflect my values?
  • Should I attain this item now? Used or through trade?

Did you cross the item off your list or not? Why?

5) Discuss an instance when you were duped by "greenwashing" or drawn in by marketing hype.

6) Imagine you are creating a new company founded wholly on your particular values. What would it look like?

7) Conscious Money explores our emotional relationship with money and offers exercises to identify these feelings. What did you discover about yourself or those close to you as you walked through these exercises?

8) "As challenging as it may seem, developing self-mastery is at its core an uncomplicated mission: to build one's capacity for consistent conscious choice. If you could condense billions of moments over a lifetime of seeking self-mastery into a one-sentence story, it might read: 'After what seemed like an endless journey, along many winding paths, I gradually learned to make better choices more often.' " In what areas of your life have you learned to make better choices? How can these experiences be applied to your financial decisions?

Patricia Aburdene

Patricia Aburdene is a leading social forecaster, bestselling author, sought after speaker, and authority on conscious money. She collaborated with John Naisbitt on the publishing phenomenon Megatrends, which sold millions of copies and topped the charts in the US, Germany, and Japan. She coauthored the #1 New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000, the New York Times bestseller Re-Inventing the Corporation, and was lead author on Megatrends for Women.

Follow Patricia at www.patriciaaburdene.com


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