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Answer the call to transform yourself and your world.

The beloved story The Wizard of Oz has the power to reveal the Hero's Journey that awaits each of us. Through a mythic lens, discover how Dorothy's adventure in a magical land inspires our lives today, offering valuable tools to guide us through our challenging times. Where you can learn to thrive rather than to merely survive.

Through interpreting the deeper messages within The Wizard of Oz, visionary leader and teacher Jean Houston leads you along the Hero's Journey that awaits each of us. On this profound adventure of self-discovery and awakened potential, Houston's lessons propel you into greater self-understanding and a connection to the larger world story as you explore Oz like never before.


"Jean Houston plays midwife to the next phase of our evolutionary journey...We are literally drawn from the smaller, personal self to the larger universal possibility..."

—Marianne Williamson, spiritual activist and author

"With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being."

—Deepak Chopra, MD, bestselling author

"Jean Houston's mind should be considered a national treasure."

–Buckminster Fuller, renowned inventor and philosopher

"Jean Houston is the great producer of events and new possibilities as she orchestrates the voices of the new consciousness."

—Margaret Mead, American incon and anthropologist

Discover and Deepen Your Potential—4 DVD Set

Discover and Deepen Your Potential

With humor, wisdom, and compassion, renowned teacher and philosopher Dr. Jean Houston teaches you how to overcome life's obstacles to achieve your dreams. Join a live audience of ordinary individuals as you learn to engage life with renewed vigor and peel away the layers that block your full potential.

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The Storied Life of Jean Houston

The Storied Life of Jean Houston

In this two CD audio set, Jean shares engaging stories that will open your mind and warm your heart. Whether you are new to Jean Houston or an old friend, get ready for a journey of discovery as she shares from the library of her life experiences. Jean's stories and dialogue will engage your deep listening past old habits so you begin moving into your potential self—a self beyond your programming and familiarity.

Jean Houston

Jean Houston is a visionary thinker, teacher, and philosopher who pioneered the Human Potential Movement and established the Social Artistry leaderships model that she used in her work with the United Nations Development program. Over the course of her life's work, Houston has developed a worldwide network of social leaders, educators, and philosophers including Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk, Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, giving her unique insight into the human potential. Houston has worked with agencies of the United Nations, NASA, and many others. She is the author of nearly thirty books.

Learn more about Jean Houston at www.jeanhouston.org


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