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Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

Download five free audio companions designed and narrated by Penney Peirce to further enhance your work with your personal vibration and home frequency.

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Track 1: Introductory Message   Runtime approx. 7 minutes


Leap of Perception by Penney Peirce

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Leap of Perception

The Transforming Power of Your Attention

By Penney Peirce

The Rules of How Reality Works Are Changing

With a growing holistic view of the universe and a greater awareness of personal collective energy, we are experiencing a global shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age. Learn more about the last book of the trilogy from Penney Peirce.

Track 2: Meditation 1    Runtime approx. 19 minutes

Be Conscious of Your Frequency: Track Your Daily Vibrations
Music is from By the Seashore by Robert Norton (

Track 3: Meditation 2    Runtime approx. 21 minutes

Experience Your Home Frequency: Focus on Positive Qualities and Memories
Music is from White by Kevin MacLeod (

Track 4: Meditation 3    Runtime approx. 13 minutes

Experience Your Home Frequency: Activate Your Diamond Light Body

Track 5: Meditation 4    Runtime approx. 6 minutes

Moving Smoothly Through the Vibrations:
Penney Reads the Frequency Message from the End of Chapter 2

Penney gives you some background about what’s happening today in the realm of energy, explaining how your personal vibration is changing, that there are stages to the transformation process, and you can learn to navigate this process easily and quickly. She introduces four meditations and talks about how they can be experienced repeatedly and what you can do to receive maximum benefit from them every time you listen.

It’s useful to develop a mindfulness habit that focuses on how high or low your vibrations are during the day, so you can recognize and consciously choose to remain in your home frequency, or “preferred state.” In this meditation, Penney helps you focus on and track the differences between your home frequency and the lower energy states of people and places you may have unconsciously matched throughout the day.

In this two-part meditation, Penney guides you in activating your home frequency by first helping you frequency-match various positive states of being that allow your soul to flow through you freely. In part 2, she helps you reintroduce memories of positive experiences you’ve had to your body and emotions, letting them become real again, building a composite of qualities that open and maintain your home frequency state.

Penney talks about the power of using diamond light as a meditation image and guides you into an experience of it. Then she helps you bring your Diamond Light Body—the energy body of your soul—inside yourself and into perfect resonance with all the parts of your body. As you experience this, you become your Diamond Light Self and realize you really do know what you’re doing. You see how you’re in direct contact with the unified field and collective consciousness.

This piece of writing was generated in a high-frequency, home-frequency state. By slowing down and tuning in to the energy in the words and phrases, you’ll be able to frequency-match this state.

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