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Format: NTSC All Regions
ISBN: 978-1-58270-459-3
UPC: 7-24868-04593-4
Runtime: 100 minutes

Awake in the Dream

Catharina Roland

We spend the majority of our lives in a kind of hibernation: Functional but separate from the source of our being.
What can we do to wake up?

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  • Published by Beyond Words on February 19, 2013.
  • Producer/Director: Catharina Roland
    Starring: Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Daniel Pinchbeck, Arjuna Ardagh, Kiara Windrider.

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Product Description

Catharina Roland explores this crucial question, inviting us to share in her deeply enriching journey to discover
how we can be whole again, how we can heal ourselves and the environment we live in, and how we can leave
the cocoons of our perception to face our own selfishness and fears.  

Through lessons from visionaries and spiritual teachers as well as numerous exercises, Awake in the Dream
gives us the tools to break down the walls of the person we have created for ourselves. Complete the
transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Tap into the potential that has existed since the beginning of
time. And wake up to the wholeness that awaits each and every one of us.

Meet the Author

Born 1969 in Vienna, she studied directing, acting, dramatics, journalism and psychology. She won several awards for her international advertising films and works as a director for theater productions as well as dubbing actor and voice talent for movies, advertising and television.

When her son Moritz was born and the relationship to the father of her son broke down and her seemingly perfect world suddenly fell apart, her spiritual journey took off. Since then she traveled together with her son around the world for her heart project the documentary AWAKE IN THE DREAM to set the jigsaw puzzle of the newest scientific insights and mystic wisdom together and to contribute to the awakening consciousness on our Planet. For her, the solutions are never to be found in the outside, but always in connection with our inherent inner wisdom and by finding and releasing old sabotaging belief systems.

Catharina and Moritz are currently travelling again for her sequel documentary - a quest to find out, how we can collectively find our way back to Paradise and live an awakened life in the most challenging and teaching areas of our daily life, like relationships, parenthood, sexuality and sustainable living. They both look also forward to meet you personally at a screening during the Awake In The Dream Amerika Tour 2013!

Press Reviews

“This movie has the potential to transform your life!”

Kiara Windrider

Awake fully opened my eyes yesterday. I am very grateful. Now my life can start.”

Jeannine Horle

“Embedded in wonderful images, Awake in the Dream guides you to consciously experience your own awakening.”

Rudiger Dahlke
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Product Reviews


Review by Vivi on September 15, 2014

Hello, just barely only watched the preview to this movie and I am awestruck by the energy behind it! Some years back I wrote a poem called: ''Awake my heart..awake!'' and the memories of that one particular early morning when I did awake it was 3:30am to be exact, my mind was flooded with the words to this poem..and I knew I was living in a dream! Cannot wait to see this film, I shall order it first thing tomorrow! Thank you from my heart to all those who had a part in making this important tool to help humanity awake from the dream! Love to you all! I love the Title!

Very deep thought and intense film

Review by Passionate Patty on July 5, 2014

I have watched this film standing in front of a kind of t-intersection in my life where I had to decide to go one way or the other and going forth and back and in circles. I found this film very moving and the messages went straight into my heart. The end of it was maybe a litte bit over the top because we are far away from a perfect world full of peace, joy and love but other than that it is incredible how simple life could be if we only let go of our fear and realize that the reality is nothing else than the perception of our own mind and thoughts.

Review by evelyn on March 25, 2014

this is simply my favourite transformational movie. i've watched it over and over and sometimes only listen to the sound - which i extracted as an mp3 file - on my mp 3 player. catharina .