Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin

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Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin

Hillary Rubin

Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin offers a simple program for anyone who is ready for personal transformation. Study with an expert teacher who knows firsthand the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis and learn how to create a strong foundation for a healthier life.

  • Published on April 30, 2010.
  • Director: Rob Lundsgaard
    Producers: Hillary Rubin, Asaf Eisenberg

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Product Description

According to the American Academy of Pain Management, “an estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder or accident. The most common types of pain include arthritis, lower back, bone/joint pain, muscle pain and fibromyalgia.”

What if your doctor prescribed yoga to help these conditions in the place of pills? Would you think it an odd tool for healing? Would you think you weren’t flexible enough? Would you think it would cost too much to find a good teacher and class?

According to Hillary Rubin, all of these questions stem from myths about yoga. “I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis,” says Hillary, “and by using yoga as one of my healing tools, I’m pain and medication free today.”

For Hillary, yoga is more than exercise; it’s a tool for healing. You can start where you are right now and begin to lessen stress and physical aches and pains. Through Hillary’s heart-centered guidance, participants will learn how to create a strong yoga foundation to begin and sustain the healing process.

In Yoga Foundations, Hillary provides a complete beginner’s practice to do at home, at the office, or even while waiting at the airport. You will learn how to do each pose properly and safely, and learn how to engage your heart and spirit in your own healing process.

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Meet the Author

Hillary Rubin

In 1996, while living in New York City right at the height of her career working for Prada, Hillary Rubin was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Instead of succumbing to the condition and allowing it to limit her possibilities, she chose to find and use all-natural remedies using Yoga as her foundation that supported her to be symptom and medication-free today.

As a highly respected leader in the health and wellness industry teaching yoga and speaking on empowering modalities for optimal health, she travels around the world teaching people how to transform their deepest challenges, fears and illnesses into opportunities to achieve optimal health, happiness, and well-being.

Hillary has a top Yoga Podcast — Hillary's Yoga Practice — which is also an iphone app. Hillary holds a certification in Anusara Yoga, writes for the Huffington Post and has been featured by - Fit TV, Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga, Yoga Mates, Yoga Peeps, LA Yoga & Ayurveda, American Fitness, Today's Dietitian, American Fitness, Real Women on Health, Conscious Choice Magazine, and

Press Reviews

“If you want a practice for transforming body and mind, there isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from Yoga Foundations.”

—Julie Clayton
New Consciousness Review

“Her practice is empowering and... [Hillary] offers well-sequenced, easy-to-follow practices that tell us whatever we touch, we touch from our hearts.”

—Felicia M. Tomasko
LA Yoga

“The ultimate goal of her teaching is the transformation of the body into a suitable 'foundation' for the spirit.”

—Yoga Journal

“Anusara opens your heart to understand there is no separation between you, the beings around you, and the Divine; there is no separation between your practice on the mat and your life beyond the studio walls.”

—Julia Steinberger
Healthy Living

“After working with Hillary, my whole body was transformed. I consider her an expert in the field!”

—Janet Attwood
New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test
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